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Alvo Aablooprofessor, head of the lab (polymer materials)
Longfei Chang guest professor, polymeric transducers
Karl Kruusamäeassociate professor of robotics engineering, IMS robotics
Indrek Mustassociate professor of soft robotics
Arun Kumar Singhassociate professor of collaborative robotics, IMS robotics
Tarmo Tamm associate professor of materials science
Heiki Kasemägiassociate professor (ion-conducting polymer, computer simulations) & Computer engineering study programme manager
Kaija Põhako-Eskoassociate professor of materials chemistry, former Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow (chemistry, organic synthesis, ionic liquids)
Urmas Johansonresearcher (electrochemistry)
Anna-Liisa Peikolainenresearcher (carbon materials, chemistry)
Janno Toropresearcher (flow cell supercaps, carbon materials)
Saoni Banerji research fellow (CMOS MEMS sensors, mixed-signal ASIC design, microelectronics)
Veiko Vunderlecturer (robotics)
Artur Abelsjunior lecturer (digital electronics)
Renno Raudmäejunior lecturer (robotics)
Sandra Schumannrobotics education
Roman Leinusengineer (robotics)
Teet Tilkengineer (electronics)
Tauri Tätteengineer (robotics)
Aune Tammhead of administration
Anett Toomproject assistant
Kirsi Zirelproject assistant

PhD Students

Robert ValnerPhD student (robotics, IMS robotics)
Faiza SummerPhD student (Flow-capacitor)
Pille RinnePhD student
Hans PriksPhD student (conducting polymers)
Karl KaruPhD student
Helena NulkPhD student (collaborative robotics, IMS robotics)
Ingrid RebanePhD student (Elastomeric foams, PDMS)
Ye WangPhD student (Design and development of tailored nanostructures)
Iman DadrasPhD student (Microfabrication)
Fatemeh RastgarPhD student (Robotics)
Yauheni SarokinPhD student (Variable stiffness textiles)
Houman MasnaviPhD student (deep-learning-based motion-planning in robotics)
Oleksandr SyzoniukPhD student (soft robotics)
Kadri-Ann ValdurPhD student (bioinspired soft robotics)
Jaanus KaldePhD student (dsitributed antennas)
Ansar PhD student candidate (Additive manufacturing)


Martin Liivakstudent (FEM simulations of 3D-MB's)
Rauno Umborgstudent (computer engineering)
Kaarel Siimutstudent (aerated concrete)
Ingmar Laanstudent (ionic polymer actuators)
Ats Aasmaastudent (modelling of microbatteries)
Igor Rybalskiistudent (robotics)
Phuong Nguyenstudent (FEM simulations)
Magnus Kaldjärvstudent (soft robotics)
Mona Küütsstudent (soft robotics)
Silvia Hiie Aabloostudent (soft robotics)
Yiğit ORHANstudent (Thermodynamics)
Eva Mõtshärgstudent (robotics education)


Margus Rosinlecturer (FPGA)
Friedrich Kaasikex-PhD student (carbon-polymer actuators)
Heilo Altineducational robotics
Ramon Rantsuseducational robotics
Vahur Zadinprofessor (finite element modelling, molecular dynamics, high electric fields, CERN)
Aleksander TõnnissonBuildit (Hardware accelerator) CEO