Mixed Signal Microelectronics

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  • Reduced Parasitic degradation
  • Mainstream processes:High volume production
  • Most scalable and monolithic
  • Targeted for consumer electronics (primarily)
  • Less degrees of freedom (Not the best solution!)

Our Vision

We strive to adapt and develop smart ways for our MEMS materials in standard CMOS technology for optimized ASIC design targeted for biomedical and consumer applications.



Typically, we follow the standard procedure to develop our devices:

  • Device design, Modeling and Optimization
  • Black-box modeling and co-simulation with electronics (transistor-level design)
  • Device Fabrication and Tape-out (corresponding to the technology node)
  • Characterization (in terms of ambient and electrical factors) for optimal operation
  • Convergence of modeling and experimental results for validation

Tools we use



  • SEM
  • FIB
  • Microprobe setup
  • Impedance Analyzer

Primary contacts

Saoni Banerji postdoc researcher of CMOS MEMS sensors
Alvo Aabloo professor, head of the IMS lab

Student projects

Possible topics for BSc and MSc level students


Research Topics

Possible interesting topics are:

  • MEMS-Based Sensors for Human Centered Applications (CMOS MEMS Based Micro Biotronics)
  • Monolithic sensors in CMOS technologies (targeted towards consumer electronics)

Selected Publications