TonisTiimus MSc

From Intelligent Materials and Systems Lab

Current objective

Fixing the robotic arm (programming) + started working on EOG/EEG


Up until 19.09.2014

In the past 3 weeks I have met with both of my supervisors (Koit Kulper and Ilya Kuzovkin) and discussed the different areas and aspects of my thesis. The un-official topic is "Using EEG and EOG signals to control a robotic manipulator (arm)". I read articles Ilya suggested on EEG and EOG signal processing and consulted Koit on the mechanics and electronics of the robotic arm. So far everything seems feasible, just it's going to take some time. Thus, right now I'm composing a detailed study plan for all the work that needs to be done.


I wrote a more detailed study plan for my MSc thesis up until the end of the school year here. It should serve well as a reference for future use.


I've been fixing the robotic arm and the new mechanical parts are being printed right now and I've collected the various electronics parts I need to control it, now I just need to put the whole system together and test it.


The mechanics of the robot are fixed and I've tested the various electronic components (3 servos, DC motor, control circuitry) with success. The next step is making a test-platform for programming the arm.


Started programming the robot arm, reading topics on 'Inverse kinematics' and how this is done in industry.


I found a potential EOG device that I can use for my thesis and I can use the EEG from the Informatics department. I have also started mapping the gestures of the face to actions on the robot arm. The robot arm is almost operational, just some software tweaks to go.