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IMS Radio lab is focused on developing and researching radio frequency systems. We have experience with radio frequency system and circuit design, software defined radio and embedded design. From radio system side we have capabilities to analyse, design and characterize RF amplifiers, switches and other circuits. We have extensive knowledge on GNU Radio software defined radio platform and other signal analysis and processing tools. We also have complementary embedded and mechanical design competences.


Our lab has equipment to design and measure radio circuits up to 8.5 Ghz. We have vector network analysers, spectrum analysers, signal generators. For general embedded design our lab has source measurement unit, oscilloscopes, power supplies and precision multimeters. From quick prototyping and iteration side we have soldering and reworking workplaces, PCB milling capabilities and 3D printers.

Team members

Jaanus KaldeJunior Research Fellow in Radio Technology

Industry projects

   • Custom embedded VHF software defined radio with 50W power amplifiers design
   • 350W S-band amplifier module design
   • High speed high power VHF switch module design
   • UWB positioning system development
   • SDR based direction-of-arrival determination
   • GPS simulator

Student defended theses

   • Jüri Gramann, Master's Degree, 2020, (sup) Jaanus Kalde; Karel Pärlin, Control of an Analog Self-Interference Canceler for Simultanious Detection and Distruption of Drones
   • Rein Jaks, Master's Degree, 2020, (sup) Jaanus Kalde, UAV Direction Finding Using Phase Difference
   • Kalle-Gustav Kruus, Master's Degree, 2018, (sup) Alvo Aabloo; Karl Kruusamäe; Jaanus Kalde, Software defined radio beacon

Example projects