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Welcome to my Activity Log!!! My Research topic is " Co-operative mappingg by using a swarm of sensors". The first target to achieve is to build up knowledge about using Ubuntu and ROS kinetics.


Ubuntu seems new to me as i always worked on window versions of operating systems. So for me task 1 was to install Ubuntu and make myself familiar to its working. When i started Ubuntu installation, i had to face problem because my system was not ready to accept different operating system. It started screaming out loud to warn me but i keep going. After 3 failures i became successful in Ubuntu installation over the cost of data in my hard drive.

[Ubuntu Official Website]

Installing ROS

Next task was to install ROS kinetics. Installing ROS Kinetics was not difficult after watching few tutorials on you tube.

Learning ROS

Use ROS Tutorials

How to add a new Package in workspace (27-06-2017)

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$ cd catkin_ws // go in workspace
$ cd src //go in source directory
$ git clone  // download package
/catkin_ws$ catkin_make //go in workspace and run catkin_make
$ source devel/setup.bash   // run it
$roslaunch usb_cam usb_cam-test.launch // to launch package


Interfacing 3D Camera

Working with Lidar

Read this tutorial

For navigation stack

For Lidar

first run roscore then hokuyo_node after it tf function for tf function rosrun tf static_transform_publisher 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 map my_frame 100

Then run rviz rosrun rviz rviz

To install Turtlebot Simulator

Initially i was trying to install turlebot simulator for Kinetic but it was not successful then i used this link and followed instructions.