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Goal and motivation of IMS-Materials

Increasing requirements to the properties of new materials challenge to develop novel materials and find new approaches for their fabrication. IMS-Materials is focused on development of materials and in addition to academic basic research, in collaboration with industry, applied and contract research is carried out.



All steps from materials development to device design and fabrication are covered


  • potentiostats/galvanostats/frequenzy analyzers
  • SEM equipped with EDX
  • FT-IR spectrometer
  • KF titrator
  • dynamic mechanical analysis tool
  • chemistry lab equipped for organic synthesis
  • glove box
  • planetary ball mill
  • spin-coater
  • R&D micro-printing system
  • hot-rolling press



Tarmo Tammsenior research fellow (materials chemistry, polymeric materials)
Urmas Johansonresearcher (electrochemistry)
Kaija Põhako-Eskoresearcher, Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow (chemistry, organic synthesis, ionic liquids)
Anna-Liisa Peikolainenresearcher (carbon materials, chemistry, microfabrication)
Janno Toropresearcher (flow cell supercaps, carbon materials)
Indrek Mustassociate professor

Student projects

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Selected projects

Basic research

Applied & contract research

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