Journal Club 2020/2021

From Intelligent Materials and Systems Lab

When preparing your presentation, remember what to keep in mind with the help of this checklist

Winner of the Journal Club prize 2020/2021 is Karl Jakob Levin! Congratulations!

Journal Club has been organized to give the students of IMS Lab the opportunity to refine their presentation skill and feel confident and prepared on the defence of the degree. Every presentation will be appreciated and rewarded with a friendly audience. Contact the seminar leader and sign up!


  • The presentation should be based on a scientific publication (preferably a recent one), but as an alternative, you may also give a presentation about your own research. Please try to bear in mind that the audience is international and can be from very different fields.
  • The primary focus is on structuring of the slides, structuring of the talk and presenting of the results. See presentation checklist!
  • Time your talk to 10 minutes.
  • Please send a link of a scientific paper to be introduced to the seminar leader at least one day before presentation and invite everyone with a short teaser (1-2 sentences) in journalclub channel to your presentation.

Teams meeting A-B-C

Location: Online (See Teams meeting A-B-C for quick tips). MS Teams link to join Journal Club seminar

Time: Wednesdays at 9:00, starting from February 3rd, 2021

Format: PowerPoint presentation (10 min) + discussion on the topic (5 min) + feedback on the presenting part will be given by fellow students (5 min)

Leader: Anna-Liisa Peikolainen


24 Anna-Liisa Peikolainen Introductory Journal Club


8 Karl-Jakob Levin SEM/EDS and optical microscopy analyses of microplastics in ocean trawl and fish guts
15 Maarja Täht Popcorn-shaped gold nanoparticles: Plant extract-mediated synthesis, characterization and multiphoton-excited luminescence properties
22 Mark Merzlikin Accurately intelligent film made from sodium carboxymethyl starch/κ-carrageenan reinforced by mulberry anthocyanins as an indicator
29 Rasmus Lepik Individual particle SEM-EDS analysis of atmospheric aerosols in rural, urban, and industrial sites of Central Italy


3 Kadri-Ann Valdur Spider Origami: Folding Principle of Jumping Spider Leg Joints for Bioinspired Fluidic Actuators
10 Anna-Liisa Peikolainen Online presentation and e-defence
17 Silvia Hiie Aabloo Self-Regulating Plant Robots: Bioinspired Heliotropism and Nyctinasty


3 Serena Shi Fiber Optic Shape Sensing for Soft Robotics
10 Tarvi Tepandi iviz: A ROS visualization app for mobile devices
17 Juri Volodin Altitude dependence of electrohydrodynamic flow in an electrostatic lifter
24 Questions & Answers
31 Kwasi A Boateng Inspection of an underwater structure using point‐cloud SLAM with an AUV and a laser scanner


7 Sorry, no Journal Club today
14 Sorry, no Journal Club today
21 Rudolf Põldma Simulation of Self-driving System by implementing Digital Twin with GTA5
28 Allan Kustavus Resource management for systems - a short overview