Biomimetic Underwater Robot

From Intelligent Materials and Systems Lab

This project investigates biomimetic underwater robotics with fin propulsion for shallow water applications. Biomimetic underwater robot design permits creating devices that are efficent, quiet, create little or no turbulence and have good maneuverability.

We aim at creating such a device for shallow water applications. Many costal regions and inland water bodies are shallow and at the same time have a muddy bottom and low visiblity. Visual inspection of in these environemnts requires devices that do not create turbulance while capable of moving without beating up the silt. Conventional propelled vehicles are not appropriate for these environements. Also, the fish-like biomimetic robot with many control surfaces would be capable of good maneuverability and station-keeping capability even in an unsteady flow (surges and waves).

The project involves

  • designing a biomimetic underwater vehicle
  • creating methods for it's control
  • computational fuild dynamics modelling of biomimetic vehicles

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