Utilization of Virtual Reality in Product Development of a VSD cabinet

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VSD cabinet.jpg


  • Virtual Reality (VR) tools have become available and affordable by companies to use in making their work more productive
  • ABB Drives is designing cabinet size Variable Speed Drives (VSD), that are modelled in 3D and then go through various steps from simulations to actual build of physical unit to be tested in multiple ways until ramped up in actual production


  • To understand the possibilities of VR in making the design, prototyping and manufacturing phases more productive, such as in enabling quicker usability improvements, technical reviews and also improve the product’s training possibilities to other designers and production employees
  • To come up with conclusions and recommendations how VR could be practically utilized in development, and also possibly create a demonstration/prototype of the concept

Expected benefit:

  • Quicker product development
  • Improved training opportunities of the developed drive to other functions and employees
  • More accurate understanding of the manufacturability and usability of the product
  • More motivating, fun and interesting ways of working in product development

File:Utilization of Virtual Reality in Product Development of a VSD cabinet.pdf