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== Positions ==
== Positions ==
* [[ERA Chair holder in Materials Research in Extreme Environments]]
* [[PhD student positions, 2019]]
* [[PhD student positions, 2019]]

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Research Areas

We are looking for motivated students, PhD students and scientists in the following research areas:

  • Modeling polymer materials (Quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics, FEM)
  • Synthesis and design of electroactive polymer materials and actuators.
  • Physical and chemical characterization of polymer materials.
  • Cyclic flow-electrode capacitor development
  • Electromechanical characterization and validation of electroactive polymer actuators and sensors.
  • Electromecahnical modelling of EAP materials (FEM, Electromechanicalmodels)
  • Radiation damage of materials
  • Biologially inspired robotics
  • Image processing
  • Applications of robotics