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Our vision, goal and what we do

Simulations heat transfer and mechanical stress of FCC metal in multiscale framework.

Computer simulations are some of the most fascinating tools made available due to the development of modern computational technology. Simulations in physics, chemistry, materials science, engineering etc. allow us to obtain detailed information of the phenomena of interest and provide often complete 3D and time dependent information of quantities like electromagnetic fields, temperature, forces and mechanical stresses, deformations. Such information leads to deep insights and understanding of nature around us, opening ways to understand complex physical and chemical processes and to the development of novel technologies and applications.

The simulation activities conducted in the lab involve all levels from atomistic to macroscopic (DFT -> Molecular Dynamics -> Monter Carlo -> Finite Elements), including combinations of these methods i.e. multi scale simulations. The core capacity involves both, computational studies of materials and development of new methodology.

Some examples of applications:

  • Mechanics
  • CFD (turbulent & laminar)
  • Heat transport
  • Electric and magnetic fields
  • Chemical reactions
  • Acoustics
  • Multiphysics combinations of these phenomena!

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Ongoing Activities

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Glory and Success

Student projects


Vahur Zadinsenior researcher (finite element modelling, molecular dynamics, high electric fields, CERN))
Tarmo Tammseniour researcher
Heiki Kasemägisenior researcher (ion-conducting polymer, computer simulations) & Computer engineering study programme manager
Alvo Aabloo professor, head of the IMS lab
Kristian KuppartPhD student (MD in high electric fields)
Faiza SummerPhD student (Flow-capacitor)
Ats Aasmaastudent (modelling of microbatteries)
Mihkel Veskein Helsinki University
Ye WangPhD student (Design and development of tailored nanostructures)

Friends and collaborators

  • Flyura Djurabekova (Helsinki University)
  • Ville Jansson (Helsinki University)
  • Walter Wuench (CERN)
  • Daniel Brandell (Uppsala University)
  • Sergei Vlassov (UT, Institute of Physics)


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Defended theses

Masters Theses

  • Kristjan Eimre
  • Kristian Kuppart
  • Robert Aare

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