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Our vision and goal

We are researching how biopolymeric electroactive systems based on cellulose, chitosan, silk etc. can be used as delivery platforms for medication such as chemotherapy that would take the medication precisely to the target area and not have it be circulated throughout the entire body (release-capture), where its toxicity can hurt patients as much as help them. These biopolymers are known for "fooling" the body into thinking it is part of its system, it is delivering medicine in a focused, pinpoint way what that could greatly accelerate regeneration and healing.


  • Creation of ‘designer’ biopolymers that can be used inside the body
  • We have developed a ionic muscle-like structures from natural cellulose
  • We can build soft manipulators for accommodation and delivery of therapeutic compounds


We of soft biopolymeric electroactive platform for therapeutic applications

  1. Biocompatible 3-D matrix for doping
  2. Controlled delivery and release mechanisms
  3. Trapping and capture of bioorganic compounds

Tools we use

  • Additive fabrication methods for building soft electroactive laminates and 3-D structures
  • Electrochemical and electro-visio-mechanical impedance spectroscopy
  • Electrodeposition and -coating of soft actuators


  • Customized spray-coating set-up
  • Electromechanical testbenches with full electronic control
  • Computer vision set-up for robotics materials characterization
  • In-situ characterization of robotic materials using scanning electron microscopy
  • Dynamic mechanical analysis of robotic materials in a controlled atmosphere
  • Thermal imaging of robot's action

Primary contacts

Janno Torophead of the group
Alvo Aabloohead of the lab

Some completed student projects

  • A self-rolling wheel based on artificial muscles
  • An insect-inspored walking robot with artificial muscles
  • Spray-fabrication of artificial muscles on glass fiber cloth
  • Measurement device for characterization of mechano-sensing laminates
  • Measurement device for mechanical properties of soft laminates

Possible topics for student projects


Research Projects


Selected Publications