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PhD Students

S. Sunjai NakshatharanModelling and Control of Ionic Polymer Actuators
Thesis, 2019-07-08.
Inga Põldsalupostdoc at University of Oslo, Bionanotechnology and Membrane Systems
Thesis, 2018-10-27.
Kätlin RohtlaidCergy-Pontoise University, EAP fabrication
Thesis, 2015.
Artur Tammpostdoc at QSG LLNL
Thesis, 2016-07-01.

BS, MS Students

Fabian Ernesto Parra Gilstudent (robotic frameworks)
Karina Seinstudent (human-robot communcation)
Heikki Saulcomputer engineering
Thesis, 2017.
Asif Sattarrobotics, mobile systems
Thesis, 2019.
Renno Raudmäerobotics
Thesis, 2019.
Martin Maidlaeducational robotics
Thesis, 2018.
Kristo Allajerobotics, human-robot interaction
Thesis, 2018.
Rauno Umborgcomputer engineering
Thesis, 2018.
Mattias Kõrvcomputer engineering
Thesis, 2019.
Mario Koolcomputer engineering
Thesis, 2018.
Kert Männikcomputer engineering
Thesis, 2019.
Kaarel Markrobotics, augmented reality
Thesis, 2019.
Madis Kaspar Nigolmobile robotics
Thesis, 2019.
Kätriin Jullerobotics
Thesis, 2019.
Georg Astokvirtual reality
Thesis, 2019.
Martin Hallistrobotics
Thesis, 2019.