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PhD Students

S. Sunjai NakshatharanPhD student (Modelling and Control of Ionic Polymer Actuators)
Thesis, 2019-07-08.
Inga Põldsalupostdoc at University of Oslo, Bionanotechnology and Membrane Systems
Thesis, 2018-10-27.
Kätlin RohtlaidPhD student at Cergy-Pontoise University (EAP fabrication)
Thesis, 2015.
Artur Tammpostdoc at LLNL QSG LLNL
Thesis, 2016-07-01.

BS, MS Students

Heikki Saulstudent
Thesis, 2017.
Asif Sattarstudent (robotics, mobile systems)
Thesis, 2019.
Renno Raudmäestudent (robotics)
Thesis, 2019.
Martin Maidlastudent (educational robotics)
Thesis, 2018.
Kristo Allajestudent (robotics, human-robot interaction)
Thesis, 2018.
Rauno Umborgstudent (computer engineering)
Thesis, 2018.
Mattias Kõrvstudent (computer engineering)
Thesis, 2019.
Mario Koolstudent (computer engineering)
Thesis, 2018.
Kert Männikstudent (computer engineering)
Thesis, 2019.
Ahmed Hassan Helmy Mohamedstudent (service robotics)
Kaarel Markstudent (robotics, augmented reality)
Thesis, 2019.
Madis Kaspar Nigolstudent (mobile robotics)
Thesis, 2019.
Kätriin Jullestudent (robotics)
Thesis, 2019.
Georg Astokstudent (virtual reality)
Thesis, 2019.
Martin Halliststudent (robotics)
Thesis, 2019.