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Mailing address


Institute of Technology

University of Tartu

Nooruse 1

50411 Tartu


Visiting address

III floor

Nooruse 1

50411 Tartu


Phone numbers

Alvo Aabloo (head of the lab) +372 5078356 or +372 737 5534
Mariana Raudsepp (assistant) +372 737 4840
Laivi Karu (assistant) +372 737 4830

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Travelling information

Nearest airports Riga (RIX), Tallinn (TLL), but also Tartu(TAY)

From TLL and RIX it is reasonable to take a bus or a car. For bus schedule look http://www.bussireisid.ee and https://ticket.luxexpress.eu/en/

Map information